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Top 5 Best ATV Winches for Plowing – (2024 Reviews & Guide)

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When done properly, a winch is an excellent tool for plowing. In this guide, I share valuable tips on how to choose the best ATV winch for plowing and my current favorite winches for the job. First, you’ll want to get an idea of capacity. For snow plowing, an ATV/UTV winch with a capacity between 2500 to 4000 lbs is sufficient. Since you’re using an ATV and the winch primarily for plowing, there’s no reason to go beyond this capacity.

However, on the other hand, if you plan to use the same winch for jobs that call for higher capacities, it won’t hurt to use a winch with a higher load capacity. The key takeaway is to avoid choosing a winch with insufficient capacity. Next, when choosing the best ATV winch rope for plowing, it’s wise to steer clear of steel rope altogether. To clarify, steel rope is more likely to wear out due to the repetitive up and down movement when plowing.

As a result, the solution is to stick with synthetic rope. Synthetic rope is great for tackling all jobs, which allows you to use your winch for all jobs without switching rope. However, if you plan to use your winch for plowing only, then a winch strap is your best bet. The strap pictured below is an example of a good ATV winch strap for plowing available at Amazon #ad:

So, now that you have those tips in mind, let’s check out the ATV winches I prefer for plowing.

Reviews: Best ATV Winches for Plowing

In each of the reviews, you’ll discover all the key specs to consider along with helpful pros & cons. Once you take the time to consider each review, you’ll know for sure which model is best for your ATV or UTV.

#1) Superwinch Terra 35SR 12v ATV/UTV Winch

Superwinch is one of the best winch brands that deliver reliable performance. If you’re someone who makes a side income from plowing driveways, lots, or other areas, Superwinch’s Terra 35SR should be on your radar. First, Supwerwinch didn’t cut corners when developing the Terra series motor. You’ll find wider gears than competitors and end-to-end sealed bearings for better overall performance.

These are the types of features to look for when you want an ATV winch for plowing that’ll last you many seasons. Second, the mechanical brake is a must-have feature for holding the load rather than a dynamic brake alone. This feature reduces the stress on the motor. Next, the low amp draw of 19 amps at 0 lbs and 45 amps at 500 lbs ensures your ATV battery doesn’t die in the middle of the job.

Several final highlights are the durable reinforced-steel Terra drum, cam action free-spooling clutch, 50′ of 13/64″ synthetic rope, and Superwinch backs its winches with a limited lifetime warranty. Overall, this ATV winch is for people who need to do a lot of plowing each year rather than an occasional plowing of a personal driveway.


  • Mechanical brake
  • Low amp draw won’t drain your ATV battery
  • Fast 22.5 FPM line pull at 0
  • Sealed magnetic motors
  • Steel-reinforced drum
  • Handheld remote
  • Quiet & powerful performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty (1-year on electrical)


  • Install kit and instructions could be better
  • Not made in the USA
  • You might find that you prefer to trim the extra wiring

#2) Warn VRX 25-S Powersports Winch

Similar to Superwinch, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a Warn winch. In fact, most folks recommend Warn first, though, the higher upfront cost is what usually leads people to other brands. Having said that, if you have the scratch, then the Warn VRX 25-S is a top ATV winch for snow plowing. Currently, this model is available in 2500, 3500, and 4500 capacities.

Personally, I find 2500 is enough tool for plowing. However, you might want to consider the VRX 35-S if you want more power for additional jobs. As for performance, the VRX 25-S is built to handle even the harshest weather conditions while resisting corrosion. The IP68 waterproof rating is a submersible waterproof rating and one of the best you’ll find offered by a winch.

Next, you might prefer the slightly slimmer 3/16″ synthetic rope rather than Superwinch’s 13/64″. Additionally, the load-hauling mechanical brake gives you excellent control over your plow. In other words, you’ll most likely find that this winch is the easiest to use for plowing, especially if it’s your first ATV winch. As a result, you’ll notice less creep, tangling, and other common issues that arise when using an ATV winch for plowing.


  • Rock-solid all-metal construciton
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Load-hauling mechanical brake for better control over your plow
  • Made in the USA
  • Quiet & strong
  • Limited lifetime warranty (3-year on electrical)


  • Short wire issue (yellow & blue)
  • Vague instruction manual
  • Installation may require minor mods
  • No handheld remote

#3) SuperATV 3500 lb. Black Ops

My final premium pick is the SuperATV 3500lb Black Ops winch. First, if you were annoyed by the missing handheld/wireless remote with the Warn model above, this winch includes a wireless remote. Next, at the time of this writing, the SuperATV 3500 lb model is more affordable than Warn’s VRX 35-S and Superwinch’s 35SR.

As far as features, the low amp draw and wireless remote are the greatest selling points here. With the wireless remote, you have a full 50ft working radius. So, if you plan to use your winch for plowing and solo jobs where you can potentially get stuck, this is a very convenient feature. Beyond that, SuperATV’s Black Ops winch is 100% waterproof, and you have the option to mount the rocker switch on your dash or handlebar.

Lastly, it’s important to note that SuperATV’s warranty is not on par with what Warn and Superwinch offer. Currently, SuperATV offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects with a lifetime of customer support. Since we all know that using an ATV winch for plowing can lead to problems, tread more carefully when choosing this winch over a Superwinch or Warn model.


  • More affordable than comparable Superwinch and Warn models at the time of this writing
  • Wireless remote with 50ft range
  • Dash-mounted or handlebar-mounted rocker switch
  • 50′ synethetic rope included
  • 100% waterproof construction


  • Shorter warranty than Warn and Superwinch
  • More poor installation instructions
  • Wireless remote could be better quality

#4) MotoAlliance VIPER Max 3000

Now, if my first three picks were a little too rich for your blood, here’s a good budget alternative. Firstly, the VIPER Max boasts impressive specs that match what Superwinch brings to the table. For example, the 25 FPM line speed and 18 amps motor draw at 0 lbs are actually a tick better than Superwinch’s Terra 35SR. Also, keep in mind, this model is 3000lb while the Terra 35SR is 3500lb.

Next, MotoAlliance built the VIPER Max to resist corrosion in snowy and muddy conditions. Plus, like the other winches in this guide, the 50′ of included synthetic rope has no chance of rusting. Additionally, the sealed solenoid, steel planetary gears, and stainless steel hardware increase longevity. As for braking, this model features mechanical and dynamic braking systems to reduce creep while you’re plowing. For reference, this system is similar to what’s found on the Terra 35SR.

Finally, MotorAlliance offers a competitive limited lifetime warranty on the winch, a 6-month warranty on the rope, and there’s a waterproof handlebar switch along with a tethered remote switch. Regarding the lifetime warranty, it provides 1-year on electrical components, which matches Superwinch but falls short of Warn.


  • My favorite budget alternative to Warn and Superwinch
  • Corrosion-resistant construction for mudding and plowing snow
  • Quick line speed and very low amp draw at 0 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty with 1-year on electrical
  • Compatible with all major ATV brands
  • Tethered remote switch


  • Instructions aren’t novice-friendly
  • Included rocker switch could be higher quality
  • Made in China

#5) Champion Power Equipment 3500-lb. Synthetic Winch Kit

My final pick is one of the better budget winches on the market. Consequently, if you’re on the hunt for a winch for smaller, less frequent jobs, this is all the winch you need. At the time of this writing, it costs less than half what Warn and Superwinch are charging for comparable models. However, don’t let the lower price lead you to believe that this is a cheaply made product. Yes, it’s not made in the USA, but you won’t find a made-in-the-USA winch for this price.

So, looking beyond cost, it’s important to first know that this winch has a slower line speed of 9.8 FPM with no load and a 3.3 FPM speed at full load. While this number isn’t hugely important if you’re using the winch for plowing only, it may play a larger role if you have other jobs on your mind.

Next, this winch will demand more from your ATV battery. Comparatively, at full capacity, it draws 230 amps, while Superwinch’s Terra 35SR is 190 amps at 3500 lbs. Though, you must factor in that you won’t be operating close to full capacity when plowing snow. Lastly, Champion backs its winches with a 2-year warranty that’s better than what SuperATV is currently offering.


  • Most affordable winch in this guide at the time of this writing
  • Free-spooling clutch
  • Remote control
  • 50′ of 3/16″ synthetic rope included
  • Longer warranty than SuperATV


  • Draws more amps
  • Slower line speed
  • No mechanical braking
  • Less quiet

Wrapping Up

Before selecting the best ATV winch for plowing, it’s very important to consider your workload. If you’re someone who depends on a winch for plowing snow every winter, then stick with Superwinch or Warn for the most reliability. Additionally, if you use your ATV/winch combo for plowing jobs, then stick with these companies. Currently, Warn offers the longest warranty of three years on electrical components.

For my money, I’m not going to try to save even a hundred bucks if I’m using my winch to make money. On the other hand, as I mentioned in the introduction, it’s a lot easier to get away with a budget winch if your workload is small. If all you need is a winch in case of getting stuck and for the occasional plowing, picks three through five will all get the job done. However, for heavy use, budget winches are more prone to failing, and there’s no way to get around that.